2012-13 Baseball Booster Club Membership Donation

This year’s Baseball Booster Club Membership Donation for each player will be:

$200.00 for 1st half of Fall Season due September 9th 

-Includes: Coaching (Baseball & Conditioning) plus intra-squad games from beginning of school until team reduction (mid-November)

$200.00 for 2nd half of Fall Season due December 1st

-Includes: Coaching (Baseball & Conditioning) plus fall/winter Inter-league games. Depending on team may include Winter Tournament and Las Vegas Tournament.

$600.00 for Spring Season due February 1st

-Includes: Coaching (Baseball) plus pre- and in-season games, personalized jersey and spirit pack. Depending on Team may include Spring Break Tournament.

This is $1,000, in total, for those players involved with the baseball program for the entire year. 


*Membership Donation Alternatives

$600.00 New Billboard Sale =$400 donation
$200.00 Billboard Renewal =$200 donation
Player Sponsor Donation = $1 for $1
Employer Matching Donation = $1 for $1